Bible School

Take the time to discover the true reality of what it means to experience the person of Christ in your life.
We don’t simply fill our heads with information but we engage in transformation! And we don’t do it alone, we live in community together and engage in daily discipleship.
Faith in action here at Capernwray prepares for a life in Christ wherever He may take you! Let the life of Jesus shine through you so that this world can see God’s power in action.
BDM stands for Bible… Discipleship… and Mission

We run two courses per year and they are full-time and residential

BDM 1 is a 17 week course made up of two terms (10 weeks and 7 weeks with a 2 week break).

BDM 2 is a 10 week course (12 weeks from 2018).

The courses are complete in themselves and so can be taken on their own or students can add on one of our Aussie Road Trips. Unfortunately, due to visa restrictions at this time it is difficult for students to complete both BDM courses. We hope to have something in place to make this possible very soon.

Aussie Road Trip

the real ‘down-under’ experience

This is a real ‘down-under’ experience – you get to go on an Aussie ministry Road-Trip for six weeks with one of our experienced ministry leaders! After a week of orientation and preparation on campus, we hit the road for the next four to five weeks, heading either ‘Up North’ past Queensland’s famous Gold Coast, ‘Down South’ towards the beautiful Adelaide, or to the ‘Outback’ taking in the amazing Uluru and then a few days back on campus for debrief and R & R.

Each week our coastal teams will be based at a different church and is involved in a range of ministry opportunities (eg: Youth programs, School visits, Worship leading, Community service, Street ministry etc). The host churches will provide accommodation and food for our students. The experience is ‘full-on’ and not for the fainthearted, but as Callum Thomas says; “It’s the best combination of work hard and play hard!

The ‘outback’ roadtrip is a little different and will involve heading into the ‘outback’ of Australia working with remote and Indigenous communities. It will be both an ‘awareness’ trip and an opportunity for some ‘hands-on’ practical service. This particular trip will include increased running costs due to the nature of the trip.

The ‘Aussie Road Trips’ have limited spaces so spots will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis, and will prioritise students who attend a BDM program. Students will be placed in a team based on a number of different factors however you can submit a preference.

Available Dates and Lectures

BDM 1 2018 (Term 1)
4 – 9 February: TBA
11 – 16 February: TBA
18 – 23 February: TBA
25 – 2 March: TBA
4 – 9 March: TBA
11 – 17  March: TBA



Taste & See

Don’t want to commit to a whole Bible School course without first giving it a try?

Come to Capernwray Australia for just a week and see if it something you want to do … only for $120. So thats full accommodation, all meals and lectures for the week. Even if you aren’t thinking of attending the full semester but want to do a week, thats cool with us come anyway!

Leadership Internship Training



In 2015 we introduced a Leadership Internship Training Course – known as LIT
The course is designed for students who have completed BDM 1 or an equivalent Bible School at any Torchbearer School internationally. It offers 8 weeks of residential training on campus with specialist ministry input as well as Biblical input. Each week will be stand-alone so that local youth pastors etc can opt to come for a week and cover a specialist area (eg leadership; apologetics; strategies for reaching a community; personal development).
After the 8 weeks of residential input, there is an option for those participating to be ‘placed’ in a local or regional church or ministry for 10 weeks. The host church or ministry provides accommodation for the students and oversees their service as ‘interns’ alongside their existing church leadership and staff. Capernwray oversees the placement and provides support in any way possible (eg visiting, regular communication, prayer). Students will then return to Capernwray for a week of debrief.

Accommodation & Leisure


Dates and Fees

  • BDM 1

  • 2018

    Jan 28 – June 8 (17 weeks)


    Feb 03 – June 14 (17 weeks)

  • ART

  • 2018

    July 15 – Aug 24 (6 weeks)
    $1950 Coastal; $2500 Outback


    July 14 – Aug 23 (6 weeks)
    $2000 Coastal; $2565 Outback

  • LIT

  • 2018

    July 15 – Sept 07/ Nov 30
    8 Weeks $3200; 20 weeks $4500


    July 14 – Sept 06/ Dec 06
    8 Weeks $3200; 21 weeks $4500

  • BDM 2

  • 2018

    Sept 9 – Nov 30 (12 weeks)


    Sept 15 – Dec 06 (12 weeks)

* each student will need to pay a $100 refundable security deposit on top of fees
** Applications for both Aussie Road Trips are limited, applicants from the Outback Road Trip may be moved to a Coastal team upon acceptance due to space.
Combine two or more courses and you get $500 off – Only one application needed per student, if you would like to do more then one course just email the office


General Bible School Questions

What does a regular week look like?

Please click here to see a sample timetable for our BDM programs.

Are lectures compulsory?

Yes – Attendance at all lectures is compulsory with the only reason for being absent is when you are sick or on a ministry commitment. Lectures are scheduled for mornings and evenings, leaving afternoons free to study and complete assignments.

What is accommodation like for students?

Sleeping accommodation is on a shared basis, with up to 3 people per room. We have a number of rooms with ensuite bathrooms while others have a communal bathroom. We provided all bedding, including sheets, blanks, pillow and doona. You will need to bring your own towel.

What age do I need to be to attend?

In general students need to be 18 years of age before the commencement of the course. We can be a little flexible for our BDM 2 course and may accept students who are 17 but you must turn 18 during the first couple of weeks of term. You must be 18 for our BDM 1 and ART courses.

Can I enrol in more than one course?

Yes – We highly recommend that students do more than one course however it can be a little difficult due to visa restrictions. You can add the Aussie Road Trip on to any BDM course without a problem, if you want to do both BDM course you will need to separate visas. You will need to start with BDM 2 on a visitor visa, at the conclusion of BDM 2 you will need to leave the country and apply for a working Holiday visa which will allow you to re-enter the country and study for a further 17 weeks. (Please see our visa information sheet for more information)

Can vegetarian or special needs menus be accommodated for?

The catering department will do their best to accommodate those people who require a special diet for medical reason and you must provide a medical certificate. If your diet is a lifestyle choice we may not be able to cater for all your needs and you may need to substitute with your own food.

Can married couples apply?

Yes – we have a number of small units we can use for married couple, we generally can only accept 1 or 2 a semester so it is good to apply early.

What is the average age of students?

We have students from 17 to 35 attending Capernwray with the average age of our students around 19 – 20.

Immigration Questions

Do I have to have medical / Travel insurance?

Yes – All international students MUST have appropriate and current medical insurance while staying in Australia it is also highly recommend that you get travel insurance as well. Medical and travel insurance is for your own protection, you must provide us with a copy of your insurance paperwork on arrival at Capernwray.

Do I need a Visa for Bible School?

Yes – All international students (excluding New Zealand) need a Visa to study at Capernwray Australia. Click here for more information on Visa’s

Can I apply for a Student Visa?

No – Capernwray is not an accredited school and therefor you cannot apply for a student visa. For those students doing BDM 1 you will need a Working Holiday Visa and for our ART or BDM 2 program you will need a visitor visa.

Where can I apply from my Visa?

Once accepted into our program you will need to visit to apply for a visa.

Fees & Payment Questions

What currency are the fees in?

All fees listed on our website are in Australian Dollars

What is included in the fees?

All meals, accommodation, lectures and use of the washing machines are included in your fees.

You will need extra money for wifi, use of the dryer, any personal item you may need to buy and you will need money for weekend trip and if you are coming for BDM 1 you will need to have enough money for the 2 week break where all students must leave campus.

How do I pay my application fee?

The most effective method for all application is by credit card. You can make a secure payment at the end of your online application. Our application fee is $50AUD

How do I pay my deposit & fees?

The easiest way to pay your fees is by using the following link.

When do I need to pay my deposit?

You will need to pay your deposit as soon as possible after you are accepted into the course. Your place is not secure until we have received this payment. The registrar will forward you more information with your acceptance letter. Please note your deposit is non-refundable.

When are my full fees due?

Your full fees are due 4 weeks prior to the start of the course.