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Prayerfully consider donating

With your generous gift towards the ministry, we’re able to provide a quality experience for future students. You can allocate your support to 1 of 3 needed areas: General Donations, Student Support, and Renovations & Buildings.

Thank you so much for your generous support of this Kingdom work.

(If you would like to give a tax-deductable gift it will need to go towards Renovations & Buildings)

Your gift will go towards…

1. General Funds


Recent border closures and reduced student numbers due to COVID-19 have significantly impacted our general finances. In order to make it through these last few years, it was necessary to take out a loan of $150,000. We would like to pay this back as soon as possible. Along with paying back our loan, we would like to build up our general funds again to help cover our running costs, such as utilities, wages, etc.

2. Facilities Upgrade


Over the past 50 years, we have seen many changes to our buildings. Old ones have disappeared, new ones have popped up, walls have been demolished, and new spaces created. It is time for a structural upgrade, to bring our campus facilities up to the required standard. We want our students, guests, and staff to feel welcome, safe, comfortable, and at home.

3. Student Sponsorship


Since we are primarily a Bible School, we want to welcome as many students as we can, and want to see them gain a rich understanding of the indwelling Life of Christ. With continued increases in running costs and higher student fees, students are not in a financial position where they can afford to pay the full cost of the fees.

We would like to be able to support and assist those future students in attending Capernwray Australia, by offering them reduced fees. By building up funds for student sponsorship, we will be able to bless countless students, as they seek to study the Word of God in this community.

How to give:

Give via PayPal

Otherwise,  you may give via the methods below.

Give from Australia:

Tax-deductible donations can be made to our Building Fund* account:

Name: Capernwray Australia
BSB: 032 716
ACC: 154511
Reference: Donation (Name – optional)

All other donations can be made to:

Name: Capernwray Australia
BSB: 032 716
ACC: 116339
Reference: Donation (Name – optional)

Please email for a receipt.
*Funds donated to the Building Fund account will be used for our conference hall dorm renovations.

How to give if you’re not in Australia:

Please click the link below.


International Giving

Projects for upgrade

Along with upgrading to a new septic system, upgrading mattresses and bedding, connecting to the NBN (internet), and upgrading appliances and dining chairs in our kitchen and dining area, below are some projects we are aiming to upgrade:

Dorm room updates

In 2019 we commenced the upgrade to our conference hall, removing the west bathroom and building a student lounge, and renovating 2 dorm rooms. Giving each room it’s own ensuite and 2 built-in wardrobes. The remaining 4 rooms were due to be completed the following year (2020) however due to COVID this was unable to happen. We would like to complete the remaining rooms in 2023.

Re-roofing staff & volunteer units

It’s time to relocate those pesky possums out of the roof and give our staff and volunteers a peaceful night’s sleep. We plan to replace the tile roof with tin, and add some skylights, and ventilation.

Re-surfacing of the driveway

Our driveway has seen better days. With the large amounts of rain we’ve had over the last two years, it’s been hard to stop it from washing away. The plan is to re-surface the driveway with a new foolproof top.

Student desk & chair upgrade

After hundreds of students and guests have sat on our chairs, they are starting to wear out. We would like to replace them, and the desks, with ones which are more durable, easy to move, and store.