2019 Events Calendar

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Capernwray Focus

Date & Cost

June 1st

9:30 – 3:00pm

$25 (includes 3 sessions and lunch)


Registrations will open April 1st

Martyn Iles

Martyn Iles was appointed Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby in February 2018. ACL is one of Australia’s largest lobby groups, desiring a compassionate, just and moral society through having the public contributions of the Christian faith reflected in the political life of the nation. ACL works with all denominations across protestant, catholic and orthodox traditions with offices in each state.

He was formerly the founding Director of the Human Rights Law Alliance, an organisation that protects religious freedom through legal  advocacy. The Alliance is the first organisation of its kind in Australia.

Before taking up his role with the Alliance, Martyn worked as Chief of Staff for the Australian Christian Lobby, overseeing all of the organisation’s staff, business development and lobbying activities.

Martyn worked in a top-tier commercial law firm before moving to ACL, and previously has established a successful business supplying networking and data solutions, edited a magazine, and operated a church youth ministry with disadvantaged teenagers for six years.

In terms of interests outside of the law, Martyn speaks around Australia at various school events including camps and continues to be a guest leader for several student Bible study groups at school campuses and boarding houses. He is deeply concerned about equipping the church and young people with scriptural foundations for life in our changing culture.

Session 1: God’s calling for governments and why does it matter?
Session 2: Truth has stumbled in the public square – The developing Australian environment
Session 3: Not Ashamed – Responding well as Christians under democracy

Chaplaincy Conference

Date & Cost

September 1-4

$275 (includes meals, accommodation and sessions)


Steve Stubbings – Chaplaincy Services Director for SCA


Registrations will open June 1st

  • Purpose

  • The purpose of the Sports & Community Chaplaincy Conference is to extend the awareness of and participation in the unique ministry that Sports and Community Chaplains offer to the wider society and culture.

  • Aim

  • To encourage and equip people to intentionally engage with their neighbours and friends.

  • Audience

  • As well as being a beneficial experience for Chaplains the primary target is church leaders and people who have a heart for their local community and can see ways of connecting through sport, social clubs, schools & work places.

  • Program

  • Along with foundational Biblical teaching on evangelism and discipleship we will also explore the key aspects of chaplaincy and hear from people working and serving in the industry

Steve Stubbings is  a 63 year old Jesus follower who finds joy in diversity and change. He remains passionately in love with his wife Sue, after 40 years of marriage, and they have four children, three “children-in-law”, and three granddaughters.

Steve is an accredited Baptist minister who is also a qualified architect. He served as a sports chaplain to the Penrith Panthers for 17 years, and recently as chaplain to referees in the A-League and W-League. He has spent the past 11 years in a leadership role in Sports Chaplaincy Australia, both in Melbourne and Sydney. His current role is Chaplaincy Services Director for SCA, working with many small groups of enthusiastic people to identify, train, and place chaplains in local and regional sporting communities across Australia. A major component of that goal is to link local churches with local sporting communities for mutual benefit. Check out SCA’s website: www.sportschaplaincy.com.au