Capernwray Australia provides exciting opportunities to those interested in becoming a part of our volunteer support team. A practical way to experience Jesus through hands-on service towards others. Our volunteer support team serve in a numbers of areas such as housekeeping, lawns, gardens, maintenance, office and conferencing. A part from our Bible School courses we also host a variety of conferences and retreats throughout the year. With our busiest month being January. Basic living expenses are provided for volunteers including meals and accommodation.

  • Property Team

  • (Jan – June / July – Dec)

    As a volunteer on the property team you will be helping to maintain the 28 acre property and the various building situated on it.

    Jobs will include: mowing, painting, vehicle and general maintenance and supervising students on their weekly workdays.

    No experience is required you just need to be willing and reasonably capable of working with your hands.

    (2 positions available per intake)

  • Housekeeping

  • (Jan – June / July – Dec)

    As a member of the housekeeping team you will have the opportunity to serve our guests and students in many practical ways.

    Housekeeping is a vital part of keeping our centre running. Weather it is making beds, helping with dishes, cleaning or gardening you will be a blessing to all our guest and students.

    (1 positions available per intake)

  • Kitchen Team

  • (Jan – June / Sept – Dec)

    As a member of the kitchen team  you will be primarily involved in food preparation, training students and various cleaning responsibilities.

    A basic understanding of food handling and food preparation is recommended and volunteers will be required to take a NSW Foodsafe course before starting work.

    This position involves split shifts and weekend work and depending on the season may require you to work part-time in the kitchen and part-time with housekeeping.

    (1 position available per intake)